Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fondant Dinosaurs

Today I baked a gluten, dairy and egg free cake for my nephew Rhys. It's his third birthday on Saturday and I'm so excited to spend it with him. I can't believe it's been 3 years since this happened:

Rhys is the kind of kid that knows what he wants. I asked him months ago what kind of cake he wanted. He told me a dinosaur cake. I found several pictures of cakes I thought I could make, and showed them to him. He quickly picked one out that was very simple.... a round cake with four fondant, very cute dinosaurs on top. A few weeks later I asked him to pick out a cake again from the pictures I showed him. He picked the same one. In fact, he picked the same cake over and over every time I gave him options. 

I made a little stop motion film of the construction of the first dinosaur. I've got three more to make! The good news is that I got a degree in ceramics, so I can make little figures out of anything that is like play-doh. I'll post a picture of the completed cake. Which by the way, will have donuts incorporated. Because Rhys doesn't eat cake. But he loves donuts.

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